Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Christine Baumann, President
Pat Schwan, Vice President
Susan Podrygula, Secretary
Michael Heil, Treasurer

Members at Large
Michelle Bassler
V. Leroy Chausse
Paulette Dailey
Craig Eraas
John Jermiason
Sheri Lien
Jennifer Livingston
Evan Loosen, MAFB
Shanna Lucy
Janet Mathistad, OR
Rachel Maxfield, OR
Pam Ondracek
Anthony Schreier, OR
Arnikka Thompson, OR
Laurie Verbitsky
Abby Walker Gaskill
Dusty Zimmerman

Dr. Steven Shirley, MSU
Dr. Erik Anderson, MSU
Ellen Fenner, Executive Director
Efraín Amaya, Music Director

 *OR indicates Orchestra Representative


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